2021 Austin Family Bible Camp Info

Date & Time:  June 10th-12th from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm via Zoom; deadline for registration is June 6th

Location:  Bible Camp will continue to be remote this year in the homes of the saints but this year it will be live on Zoom.  There will be three sessions on three evenings. 

Subject: The subject of this year’s Bible Camp is GO, Jesus, Go!  This year’s Bible Camp will cover the things Jesus did, the things Jesus said, and the places Jesus went as He shepherded and served people in the Gospel of Mark. Our hope is that the children will be inspired by such a pattern and learn to be today’s God’s serving children.

Burden of Bible Camp: The overall burden of Bible Camp is to impart the word of God into our children at their level of understanding. We also want to help the parents develop an enjoyable and doable family time. In the Bible, the family is shown to be the unit of God’s salvation. To that end, our goal for each of the three 1-hour sessions of Family Bible Camp is that the family would enter into the singing, lessons, verses and craft/activities together.

Age Limit: For K-6th grade in the upcoming school year.  Since Bible Camp will again be in the homes, younger and older siblings are welcome to participate. Depending on your comfort level you may also want to consider gathering with other families you are related to for enjoying the time together.

Contact Information: Contact the Bible Camp representative in your area for more information. Also, feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any questions you may have.

Bible Camp Representatives:

Central: Isai Pozos (512) 294-4967 || Odemaris Pozos (512) 294-4701

North: Michelle Lee (512) 658-6194 || David Baldez (512) 203-9907

Spanish speaking: Jaritza Flores (512) 779-4883 || Yeidie Montelongo (512) 743-6471

Southwest: Amy Chi (714) 618-8878

Round Rock: Frank Flores (512) 586-7329 || Joe Jenkinson (512) 585-4135

San Marcos: Juan A. Ramirez (512) 667-0209

San Antonio: Ryan Smith (210) 563-3677